Headquarters: Moscow, Russia

Founded: 1910

Motto: "There are no facts, only interpretations." -Nietzsche 

Director: Olga Kirillovich

The Strategic Logistics for the Advancement of Victorious Intelligence and Correspondence (commonly referred to as S.L.A.V.I.C.) is a clandestine agency specializing in human, technical, and signal intelligence.


When S.L.A.V.I.C. was created, its purpose was to garner support for a unified Slavic State. Today its primary purpose is to collect, analyze, evaluate, and disseminate foreign intelligence, and to perform covert actions, especially in relation to its new goal, world domination.


In 1910, six radical, Russian extremists founded the "Yedinoye Slavyanskoye Gosudarstvo-uchastnik" or the "Unified Slavic State Party." The goal of the party was the annexation of all Slavic nations into the Russian Empire to unite all Slavs under one flag. Following World War I, the party backed the February Revolution and the subsequent October Revolution, of which many of the party members were directly involved.

The establishment of the Soviet Union sparked renewed vigor within the party. Thus, S.L.A.V.I.C. was born. The party rebranded themselves to appeal to all Slavic peoples – not just Russians. They also began to work closely with KGB to strengthen the government transforming them into an intelligence agency. Information they gathered was sold to the Soviets for obscene profits and research grants. The Soviet government also protected the organization and kept them out of the public eye.

During the Cold War, S.L.A.V.I.C. performed major covert operations against America and her allies and performed major counter-espionage in the Soviet Union and her satellites. Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, S.L.A.V.I.C. found work along side the new Russian government. They established a front as a Christian youth home in central Moscow. The Saint Luke's Ascension for Volatile and Innocent Children was founded for teens and children deemed to dangerous or hopeless for orphanages or foster care by the Russian state. These children thus became wards of S.L.A.V.I.C., who would brainwash and train them as operatives.

S.L.A.V.I.C. now has bases of operation in more than fifty countries. Major branches are located in Berlin, Warsaw, Kabul, Tblisi, Minsk, and Kiev.


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